As seen in MVP the Movie Pima Cotton T-Shirt, White


As seen in Feature Film MVP. Worn by Nate Boyer who made his Directional debut and also starred in the Movie.

MVP or Merging Vets and Players is set to premiere on September 14th.  The film, produced by Sylvester Stallone, is a compelling story based on the non-profit organization Merging Vets and Players, founded by Jay Glazer and Nate Boyer, which is based out of Los Angeles.

The story is demonstrated by diving into the lives of recently retired NFL star Mo McRae and a veteran struggling with PTSD (Boyer).  We have a special opportunity as one of our major brand ambassadors, Nate Boyer, stars in the film and has been outfitted with our clothes throughout the film.  It is an honor to share this with you as we are passionate about our veterans and are actively supporting them in their pursuit to become a member of society.

the tee--

Crafted with California-grown Pima cotton, and hand-made to perfection in Los Angeles. These T's are 100% made and sourced in the United States. They're washed to that perfect vintage feel and durably constructed to last. Screen printed with our Classic Old English Trinidad3 Jeans logo.


Made in USA

Available in S through XXL

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