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Nate Boyer

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Nate Boyer

I met Nate a few years ago at Veterans day event in Paramount studios. We both got there early and did what Vets do best. “shoot the shit” At the time, I learned he was an Infantryman in the Army and he was a real down to earth dude. We were in Hollywood, so I was very lucky to meet someone who I could just sit down and have a beer with.  The place filled with people, and the Gentleman who invited me arrived. (Brett King, Sony). I sat down and quickly realized that the Nate was a guest speaker.

He shared his story, and seeing a Veteran go after his dream was truly inspiring. At the time I was still on active duty and was a student at FIDM.  Seeing this dude, that was a Green Beret, played football with the Texas Longhorns, and then get drafted to the Seahawks was the epitome of American Masculinity. What really resonated was what he did after. He found a purpose and mission. He supported a mission with Chris Long to raise money and provided fresh water for people in need through an organization called  He is also a team member with Merging Vets and Players. Through MVP, my close friend/brother USMC Veteran Sgt. Sergio Cuevas, found a group that literally saved his life.

On a social platform he wrote an open letter to Colin Kaepernick. He had a conversation with him and although disagreed with the Anthem protest, he stood alongside Colin Kaepernick during his protest in the NFL. This was a bold move from a Veteran, and it shed light for people to listen to both sides of the story, despite the sting we feel.  He reminded me why we serve.  For the Right of Americans to have a voice and free speech, whether we agree or disagree.  

Nate is also an Actor and has done amazing work on an NFL series called Indivisible. He continues to inspire me to center my efforts on service to others.  Recently, I asked him to come out and do a photoshoot with us in our Denim. Without hesitation he was there. We finally got a chance to sit down and have a beer at Arts District Brewery with a few other Vets.

I’m Honored to call him a Friend, and I encourage all of you to visit his website and organizations he supports.



 “18J Denim Designer”